California Plaintiff Employee Investigation & Support Services

Do you need more information to strengthen your case, such as the legal entity status of a defendant’s business? Have you identified an individual as the defendant and need to know more about their businesses and respective corporate statuses? Tristar Investigation conducts detailed business identification research, asset investigations, and business valuations.  

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Our Defendant Business Research Services

o you need more information on your defendant’s business?

Tristar Investigation conducts thorough business identification research, asset investigations, and business valuations. Our team has supported hundreds of California law firms across thousands of cases and has developed sophisticated protocols to produce highly accurate (and fast) results.

Our team will:
1) Research and identify the specific corporate status, principal owners, and origins & identity of any deceptive shell corporations.

2) Conduct thorough asset investigations to unearth and catalog all attachable – and possibly hidden – assets.

3) Evaluate the business to determine the estimated net sales, net worth, and sale value.

If you have a judgment that has been filed against a defendant, we can also identify bank & brokerage accounts.

Tristar Investigation’s 30+ years of expertise has been featured by:

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Our OTHER Litigation Support Services

Overwhelmed staff? Major case deadline looming?
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Is your plaintiff or class action representative missing, or non-responsive?


Are you having trouble serving papers on individuals or businesses?

PAGA Investigation Services

Bilingual Investigation & Outreach Team
Experience with over 600 PAGA Cases
Staffed for 100% Coverage in CA


“Bruce and the team at Tristar have been wonderful to work with. Beyond their professionalism, they produce excellent results, are prompt to respond, and are transparent and thorough in their communications with us. We truly value our working relationship together!”

Matthew J. Matern, Esq.


“We value our relationship with Bruce Robertson and the Tristar Investigation team.  They are responsive and keep us informed throughout their process.  We can always count on them to deliver excellent results.”

Kane Moon, Esq.


“Bruce Robertson and Tristar Investigation not only know how to get information, but they understand why the information they are getting is important. This makes them exceedingly efficient and effective.”

Kevin Boyle, Esq.


Our Services are a Standard Recoverable Cost

As a licensed investigation agency working on your case, our fees for these services are case costs that generally qualify for reimbursement when the case settles.

The average cost for these services starts at $485 (see full pricing), depending on the location and level of complexity.

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