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Tristar PAGA Solutions

1.  Employee List Research

We Research and Produce Lists of Aggrieved Employees

  • Is your aggrieved employee list stale or incorrect?
  • Do you need to identify more witnesses and declarants?
  • Struggling to locate employees in transient and short-term jobs?

Tristar Delivers Accurate Lists of Aggrieved Employees

  • Our lists include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
  • We are unrivaled in our employee research skills
  • We excel in industries such as fast food, labor, and retail

2.  Witness Outreach

We Augment Your Outreach Efforts for Ongoing PAGA Cases

  • Overwhelmed by the number of employee witnesses to contact?
  • Need declarations for an upcoming motion or trial on a deadline?
  • Has the court given you leave to find new class reps? 

We Specialize in Witness Outreach and Interviews

  • Our bilingual team is experienced, friendly, and productive 
  • We put witnesses at ease and motivate them to cooperate 
  • We provide detailed and concise interview summaries

Endorsed By

Matthew J. Matern, Esq.


“Bruce and the team at Tristar have been wonderful to work with. Beyond their professionalism, they produce excellent results, are prompt to respond, and are transparent in their communications with us.

Kane Moon, Esq.


“We value our relationship with Bruce Robertson and the Tristar Investigation team.  They are responsive and always keep us informed.  We can always count on them to deliver excellent results.”

Kevin Boyle, Esq.


“Bruce Robertson and Tristar Investigation not only know how to get information, but they understand why the information they are getting is important. This makes them exceedingly efficient and effective.”

Why Choose Tristar?


Tristar has been serving the California trial bar for over 35 years.  We are privileged to have conducted investigations for over 600 law firms.

Cost Efficient

As a licensed detective agency identifying witnesses for ongoing cases, our fees can be a reimbursable case cost, helping to curb your firm’s bottom line. 


Our services help move PAGA cases along quickly and efficiently.  Our clients praise our consistent productivity, freeing up their time for other tasks.

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